360 World Views & 360 VR, June 2019

Inspired by Jason Lewis and the work of the AbTeC workshop series, with this workshop we wanted to explore how we might structure a 360 VR workshop to invite experimentation and reflection about the intersection of 360 VR, circular frames, circular notions of time and space, and Indigenous narratives and world views. We invited Daphne Boyer, an experienced Métis artist working in 360 VR for the first time to be our artist in residence. Daphne has been using new media animations to revisit traditional practices of women’s handwork to showcase Métis heritage and to bring analogue and digital methods into conversation. We accepted four Wapikoni filmmakers who imaginatively used the circular frame as a space to reclaim language, to connect daily rituals with lost ceremonies, and to explore the use of poetry and land within 360 VR. 

Partners and Participants

Indigenous Mentor:
Daphne Boyer 

Student Instructors:
Émilie Trudeau and Zaccary Dyck

360 filmmaking, VR

Naomi, Craig, Melina, Daniel, Karen


Full Circle